Is Physician Grade Skin Care Worth It?

April 27, 2023

I often get asked if “good” AKA physician grade skin care is actually necessary and to make a long story short the answer is just straight up YES. However, the simple answer of “yes” doesn’t always convince people. Then I get “but it’s so expensive” – yea, because it works! I usually just prefer to prove it, but I will explain why physician grade is superior here.

Products that you can buy OTC (anywhere, not just Fred Meyer or Walgreens, I mean anywhere) are only allowed to have a fraction of the active ingredients that you will find in a physician grade product. The reason for this is, products that are sold without the supervising care of a physician aren’t allowed to exceed a certain level of active ingredients, therefore these products are often too weak to make a difference in your skin.

So other than the efficacy of the products, WHY else should you choose physician grade? Let me tell you:

  • If the skin care line is prescription strength(such as our Becker Cosmetic line), they are subject to FDA regulation meaning that they have been proven to be safe and work effectively by the FDA.
  • You will have a skin care PROFESSIONAL who knows and has studied skin recommending products versus someone who simply works at the department store.
  • Physician grade lines such as Epionce that we carry are FDA approved! Epionce has 26+ clinical studies proving the efficacy, penetration and results.

OTC skin care doesn’t go through the tests to prove they are even the correct molecular size and weight TO penetrate the skin and even attempt to do what the package says it will do. Without the proof of penetration, the product can be just sitting on top of your skin versus penetrating to actually benefit the skin at a cellular level. I like to say it’s like trying to fit a tennis ball into a golf hole -it just can’t happen.

Although quality skin care can be expensive, it is definitely worth it! You get what you pay for UNLESS it’s over the counter. $500 creams at Nordstrom doesn’t mean FDA approved or physician grade!

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