Anthony Jordan


U.W. Medical School and real-life lessons have shaped Anthony into the caregiver he is today. From working lawn service with his dad, participating in Boy Scouts, working as a USMC-Jet Engine Mechanic, Rockwell Space Shuttle – Quality control, and Firefighter-EMT, to experience in Armed Security, and as a Tacoma Police Chaplin, He is also a Registered Respiratory Therapist, Sleep Apnea Educator, and Physician Assistant-Certified.

But as any husband and father will tell you, Anthony Jordan’s true growth was honed at home where he was trained by an awesome wife and six amazing children. How does this pertain to medical care? ” My wife noted my loud snoring and gasping in sleep. She says having my Sleep Apnea diagnosed and treated saved my marriage. Timely medical intervention saved my physical and relational life.”

“The greatest thing I’ve learned in life is the only way to change the world is to have a positive impact on the lives of others. In medical care, I have the opportunity to do that. Working with Dr. Becker allows me to infuse insights learned in multiple career paths to deliver medical insights to people working in multiple career paths.”

The large variety of classes, training and experiences have worked together to develop Anthony’s relational skills, and have allowed his real life to become a part of his professional life; the provision of Medical CARE!

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